In New Interview EPOCH TIMES Co-Founder Says CCP’s COVID Strategy ‘Is to Treat Human Beings Like Pigs’

EPOCH TIMES Co-Founder Manyan Ng says the CCP’s method of controlling COVID “is to treat human beings like pigs” in new interview with Reiner Fuellmich.

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In a new interview with German attorney and co-founder of the “Corona Committee” Reiner Fuellmich, Manyan Ng, a co-founder of The Epoch Times arm in Europe, says the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is controlling the spread of COVID by treating “human beings like pigs.” Ng says things have gotten so bad, in fact, that “Even if [a] child is only one year old, and if this child’s tested positive or [has] any symptom of COVID, then the child will be taken away and put into children quarantine.”

In Ng’s interview with Fuellmich—in the video above, beginning around the 7:30 mark—the “China expert” says that Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of the CCP and President of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has put into place a “zero tolerance” COVID policy to “make sure there is no more COVID [cases] in the whole [of] China.”

In order to achieve this zero-tolerance state, Ng says the CCP’s method “is to treat human beings like pigs… .” He adds that “When you have a pig in a pig farm, and you discover some pig [is] infected by sort of [an] epidemic, then you isolate [that] pig without any consideration of human dignity or animal dignity; you just isolate them, even kill them, burn them and so on.” (Ng does note the CCP has yet to directly kill or burn anybody.)

Ng describes several horrifying vignettes from China’s especially authoritarian response to COVID-19, noting that “People are locked in high-rise buildings and people are not allowed to leave the house.” The China expert even says that people “are not even allowed to order online food stuff to be delivered by those online shops because the messenger, or the carrier of the goods, may also spread the virus.”

NOTE: This POV coincides with what we’ve seen online recently, with Chinese people shouting from their apartments en masse for food, help, and freedom. In the video below posted by NowThis is a glimpse of one haunting sight (and sound) from Wuhan.

This policy, Ng says, has led to suffering from hunger for many people in hard-lockdown cities, including Shanghai. “[T]hat’s why they find anything in their apartment that [makes] noise and shout: ‘we are hungry, we need food, we want freedom’ because they don’t think it’s necessary to be locked down that way.”

As for how people get food? Ng says residents must inform their “neighborhood committee” if they need sustenance. Apparently every high-rise or group of high-rises has one of these committees to help the CCP monitor citizens.

Making matters worse, Ng says, is the CCP’s censorship of the internet. Ng says the CCP has a sophisticated firewall against unwanted information, so many people in China “don’t know what’s going on Shanghai.” The CCP is also forcing people into crowded testing centers, which is causing a rise in cases. At least according to Ng.

Ng ends his interview with Fuellmich on a surprisingly upbeat note. “China is big, China is complex,” Ng says. He adds that he’s “optimistic because Chinese people will gradually wake up more and more. And we have to help them get more information.”

Feature image: OVAL Media

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