BILL MAHER Says ‘Sorting out the Lies from the Truth’ Is Not Twitter’s Job in New Rant

On the latest episode of Real Time, Bill Maher ridiculed the “idea that we can clean up Twitter and protect you from fake news and misinformation,” calling out the “consumers” of lies for not having a better BS detector.

In an epic rant from the latest episode of the HBO show, Real Time, comedian Bill Maher focused on Twitter’s constant censorship and “fact checking”; calling the practice “ridiculous” and akin to “fact checking the graffiti on the bathroom wall of a dive bar.”

“Since this is Mother’s Day weekend, let’s pause and take a moment to think about how your mother was always there for you, looking after you, and keeping you safe,” Maher says in the video clip above, beginning the closing segment of his show. “And then realize, that’s not Twitter’s job! (Emphasis his.)

“Keeping you safe and sorting out the lies from the truth is your job,” Maher tells his audience and viewers at home. He adds that people who worry about misinformation “focus on the producers, never the consumers.”

“Lies are ubiquitous,” Maher says. “And in that way they’re quite analogous to germs and viruses. People think you can germ-proof the world, and never have to be in contact with the things that can hurt you. But you can’t. You have to have a strong immune system.”

Maher has been outspoken on this particular free speech issue, noting in the tweeted video immediately above, for example, that Twitter has “failed as setting themselves up as the judge of what can go out there.” Maher specifically notes the social media platform “failed” when it suspended The New York Post for reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which, of course, has turned out to be a real—and highly significant—news story.

In general, Maher has also apparently found himself increasingly separated from “The Left,” which the comedian says has “gotten goofier.” In the tweeted video immediately above, an excerpt from a recent interview with Joe Rogan, Maher says “I’m always saying to the Democrats ‘Just don’t be the party of no common sense. And you will be surprised by how much amazing success you will have. As opposed to what’s going to happen, which is they’re going to get their ass kicked in November.”

Feature image: Real Time with Bill Maher

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