What Exactly Is the ‘Woke Mind Virus’? Here are the Top 21 Signs and Symptoms


Here are the top 21 signs and symptoms of having a “woke mind virus” (Menti-virus wokester) infection.

In December of 2021 SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk sat down with the Babylon Bee—”the world’s best satire site, totally inerrant in all its truth claims.” During the interview, Musk, who has been adamant about maintaining basic human freedoms and the rights of Americans as they’re spelled out in the Constitution, claimed that “At its heart, [the woke mind virus] is divisive, exclusionary, and hateful,” adding that the mentality “basically gives mean people a shield to be mean and cruel.”

But what exactly is the “woke mind virus” (or Menti-virus wokester) in its entirety? Beyond a divisive shield for cruelty that’s “rife with condemnation and hate.” To help characterize the mind virus, and aid those who are keeping an eye out for it, below is a list of 21 signs and symptoms of having the woke mind virus. There are undoubtedly more, but these come most readily to mind, and are most relevant to “the current thing.”

*If you see some of yourself in this list, don’t worry. We all have at least a tiny bit of Menti-virus wokester in our brains. It’s only when somebody comes down with a bad case of it that it begins to spread like wildfire.

1. Isn’t Funny and Doesn’t Think Things Are Funny

Per Musk’s interview with the Babylon Bee—an excerpt of which is immediately above—perhaps the most glaring symptom of having a Menti-virus wokester infection is a loss of one’s sense of humor. “Wokeness basically wants to make comedy illegal” Musk says in the interview excerpt. He notes that those with the mind infection are “trying to shut down [Dave] Chappelle,” which is “crazy.”

Musk has also called out Saturday Night Live for being too woke; a sentiment that Chappelle himself echoed when he said that “No-one can ever be woke enough” for the show.

Indeed, if there’s one thing you’ll hear somebody with the woke mind virus say, it’s: “That’s not funny.” Which is ironic—perhaps even “funny” in an ironic sense—as wokesters are almost always unable to be funny themselves.

2. Have Dyed Hair – Specifically Purple (Cut Boyishly If ‘Cis’ Woman)

The Libs of TikTok Twitter account has taught us all a great many things about the “Left,” and, more specifically, the (extremely, overwhelming large subset) of the Left that has a Menti-virus wokester infection. One stand-out point the account makes again and again—purposefully or not—is that people with the woke mind virus love to color their hair. Especially purple for some reason.

Immediately below is one example of a 23-year-old “bi, poly, and genderfluid” woman(?) who says she’ll be working with kids soon. She has purple hair cut boyishly.

Of course, those who have the woke mind virus also enjoy dying their hair other colors than purple. The 22-year-old man in the New York Post article immediately below, who says he has 10 different personalities—each with their own names, ages and opinions—has decided to dye his hair a washed-out green.

3. Cares About ‘Social Justice,’ But Not Really

People with the woke mind virus are deeply worried about “social justice.” As for a definition of the goal? The UN says “Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities” and that “social workers aim to open the doors of access and opportunity for everyone, particularly those in greatest need.” The Center for Economic and Social Justice defines the term as “the virtue which guides us in creating those organized human interactions we call institutions.” The organization goes on to say that, “social institutions, when justly organized, provide us with access to what is good for the person, both individually and in our associations with others.”

In other words, the term “social justice” is far too broad to be usable, which is probably why those suffering from M. wokester have glommed onto the concept—it requires no real action because it doesn’t exist. “Social justice” is only lip service to an undefined problem, which is perfect for infected wokesters who just like to run their mouths, but not do any real work.

Indeed, it seems that being “woke” and being a “social justice warrior” are basically the same thing. I.e. they’re both essentially versions of being “politically correct.” Which, of course, is just a concept that people use to control speech. Which is to say, people with the woke mind virus don’t care about justice—they care about thought and behavior control, as well as maintaining an air of moral superiority.

In the tweet immediately above, Twitter user (and he/they in the bio) FIZZ commends his mother for never having any “shitty” views about gay or trans people even though “she doesn’t understand or know about the social justice arguments.”

Immediately below we have M. wokester-infected Mx. Charis Hill (a they/them in the bio) noting that “If you advocate for social justice, but you think it’s time to take masks off, you aren’t an advocate for social Justice.”

As a fun side note unrelated to this point, here’s they/them Charis “camping” at “their” doctor’s office:

4. Thinks They Get to Decide What Is ‘Inappropriate’

Speaking of thought control, those with the woke mind virus love to tell people what’s appropriate and inappropriate. Through some divine authority the mentally affected invoke, they tell others in their vicinity what is and is not allowed to be said.

When Twitter was searched for the phrase “that’s not appropriate,” the tweet immediately above was literally the first one to pop up. (This is not an exaggeration.)

Likewise, when Twitter was searched for only the phrase “not appropriate,” the tweet immediately below was, again, literally the first to pop up. The tweet, from Democratic Candidate for Governor of Florida Annette Taddeo—a self-described “She/Her/Ella”—discusses what’s “appropriate” for kids to learn about. “I’m just curious why it’s age appropriate for kids k-5 to learn about hiding under desks and not that sometimes people have two dads,” Taddeo writes in her tweet. (Presumably the gubernatorial candidate is referring to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which neither precludes saying the word “gay,” nor the discussion of same-sex parenting.)

5. In an Open Marriage or Polyamorous

People with the woke mind virus apparently hate the idea of monogamy. Or even serial monogamy. Instead, those afflicted with M. wokester strongly prefer non-monogamy; particularly “polyamory,” which, in this context, appears to consist of a mishmash of bisexual relationships amongst a group of men, women, and whatever other gender the infected invite into their hump tribe.

A common term used amongst the wokesters is “polycule”—a real term, apparently—which refers to, according to dictionary.com, “all the people in a network of non-monogamous relationships (not being committed to one person at a time).”

Perhaps more important than the apparent superficiality of mind-virused people’s “poly” relationships is the fact they—like children—don’t want to pick something and stick to it. Instead, they want to have their cake and eat it too; always keeping their options open, but never making a commitment and choosing to grow.

6. Uses Their Pronouns in their Bios / Obsessed with Gender

As hinted at in point three, a telltale sign of somebody who’s been seriously infected with a high viral brain load of M. wokester is their placing their “preferred pronouns” in the biography (or “bio”) section of anything that requires it—whether that be a Twitter profile or application to rent a scooter.

Somebody infected with the woke menti-virus will compulsively put “he/him” or “she/her” or “they/them” anywhere they can when it comes to self-description. It’s a form of “virtue signaling”defined as “the expression of a ‘moral’ opinion on a subject meant to make one look like a ‘good person’ to a specific group of people”—and, presumably, an attempt to build out an otherwise non-existent personality.

For an example of this symptom, recall Daniel the “squirrel queer” from sign number four. A quick look at his mind-virused bio reveals what was sure to be there:

7. Loves Abortions (Too Much)

People who have the woke mind virus absolutely love—with a passion—abortion. Wokesters aren’t just “pro-choice,” they are “pro-abortion.” Meaning they celebrate the act of aborting children.

In the video immediately below, for example (posted by Nick Peterson to Twitter), a woman wearing an “I HAD AN ABORTION” T-shirt celebrates the act to cheers from the audience. “A special shoutout to…my people who had abortions!” the woman shouts at the crowd, receiving whoooo‘s of approval in response. The woman goes on to say that “I had an abortion when I was 19 [and] it was honestly one of the best decisions of my life, I was simply not ready to become a parent, and that’s all you need to know.”

8. Thinks Not Having Kids Is Great (Is Generally Misanthropic)

Not only do those with an M. wokester infection love abortions, they also seem to despise humanity itself. For example, Martin Tye, a representative of The Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (or CASSE)—and wearer of a mask in his profile picture—claims on Twitter that “#Overpopulation has now become a major #SocialJustice issue… .” Tye, along with the rest of CASSE, wants to see the human population severely limited on Earth to just a couple billion people.

CASSE writes on its website that its mission is “to advance the steady state economy, with stabilized population and consumption, as a policy goal with widespread public support.”

9. Loves Cancel Culture / Censoring ‘The Bad People’

If there’s one thing those with the woke mind virus love—almost as much as they love abortion—it’s censoring “the bad people.” People with the woke menti-virus are ecstatic when somebody they disagree with is booted off a given social media platform. Presumably differing opinions are frightening for those infected with M. wokester, and they consequently do everything in their power to avoid them.

Indeed, the woke herd is beyond enamored with “cancel culture”—that is, the practice or tendency of expressing disapproval and simultaneously exerting social pressure on those who disagree with you. Canceling somebody—especially somebody on “the Right”—is a favorite pastime for wokesters.

For example, Twitter user @SugarPlum5674 says that Elon Musk “should be cancelled” as he’s “a traitor to [America].” Sugar Plum has two rainbow flags in her(?) bio; two Ukraine flags; two emojis of two men kissing, and the hashtags “#FreeUkraine #MyBodyMyChoice #OpRissis #Resist #EndFascism #FBR #LGBTQ+ #DemocracyNow.”

10. Claims to Be Bisexual, Transsexual, Pansexual, Etc.

Another defining symptom of having M. wokester in the brain is the declaration of being transsexual, pansexual, bisexual, or some other kind of “sexual” that’s anything but straight. Layla Moran, for example, a “liberal” member of parliament (who’s a she/her in the bio), says that she identifies as “pan.” Moran says that, to her, being pansexual means “that who I love is more influenced by the person’s personality and vibe rather than their gender. A new(ish) term for an old idea, and it can mean different things to others.”

11. Is Highly Educated

Although those with a Menti-virus wokester infection may sound horribly stupid most of the time, they’re often highly educated. Moran from the symptom point immediately above, for example, attended both Imperial College London and Brunel University London. The former college is currently ranked 7th in the world according to QS World University Rankings, and while Brunel isn’t nearly as highly ranked, Moran did earn a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in science and physics from the school.

Likewise, a search of Twitter using the phrase “pansexual university” turns up people like Alaina (@QueerCuz) immediately below. Alaina, who has green– and rust-colored hair, is pansexual, and has the rainbow flag in her bio, is currently in school for Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas.

12. Has a Strong Regard for Authority and Enjoys Government Control

Another major (and majorly problematic) symptom of having the woke mind virus is the development of an overwhelming, sycophantic love of government. Wokesters don’t just want Big Brother telling them what to do sometimes; they want Daddy Government constantly in their business—indefinitely mandating their behavior and the behavior of others.

Of course this intense admiration for governmental authority means those with the woke menti-virus want everyone else just as abused/coddled/limited as they are. For example, in the tweet response from Norah M (@NorahMa20412961) immediately below, the “Teacher, writer, voter, mask wearer, [and person who’s vaccinated]” asks New York City‘s mayor to “PLEASE protect people (and not just the high risk, because anyone is at high risk when it comes to Covid and Long Covid) by reinstating the mask mandate now.” Norah also has a Ukrainian flag, mask emoji, and vaccine emoji as a part of her user name.

13. Thinks It’s OK for Prepubescent Children to ‘Transition’

Not only do those with the woke menti-virus infection have an obsession with transsexuality, they also want children—no matter how young they are—to have an obsession with it too. More specifically, wokesters seem to love to encourage children—who can’t yet tell their asshole from their elbow—to “transition” from one gender to another.

For example, Daniela A. Wolfe on Twitter—a “she/her” with a rainbow flag in her username and the hashtags “#atheist #writer #ActuallyAutistic #BLM #Antifa #TransRights #demi #bi” in her bio—says she is “very protective of children because of [her] history of being sexually abused.” She goes on to say “I think that’s why I tend to go on attack any time people start trying to dictate how or if trans children should be allowed to transition.” In response, “trans” Twitter user @SincityCheyenne told Daniela that she(?) gets “very triggered when [she sees] accepting Parents stopped being able to help their children by [an] out of control government who now has agency over our bodies.”

Immediately below is a closer look at “Trans she/her” MisSierra:

In another stellar example of wokesters loving to “transition” defenseless children, we have Twitter user “dykey spice” (@cyrilwoodcock)—a she/her in Brooklyn who is “actually a therapist”—noting that “children should be allowed to transition or come out whenever the fuck they want, and any therapist who would tell them who they are or are not-either gay or straight or trans or cis-instead of respecting client self-determination shouldn’t be practicing therapy.”

14. Hates Russia, Loves Ukraine

Although this would’ve been a moot sign of having a woke mind-virus infection even a year ago, as of now—because it’s “the current thing”—people with M. wokester LOVE Ukraine and despise Russia. Wokesters will show their love of Ukraine by plastering Ukrainian flags all over their bios, and physical selves and objects, virtue signaling their support for the Zelenskyy regime. (Zelenskyy is the Ukrainian President who absolutely adores Klaus Schwab’s “new normal.”)

As several of the tweets above from the other points evince, an undying, overly broad love of the Ukrainian flag and the country itself is necessary to be woke. In fact, it seems one must love the Ukrainian flag more than the American flag to join the wokester club. Immediately below are three examples of wokesters with Ukrainian flags in their bios or messages of support in their feeds. See if you can spot other telltale signs that these people are infected with M. wokester.

Link to twitter user @langejanne’s account
Link to twitter user’s @tatjana_nikic’s account

As an interesting side note, Musk himself seems to have a touch of “Ukraine-can-do-no-wrong” M. wokester virus in his brain. For example, he’s claimed, in essence, that the label “Nazi” doesn’t apply to the Ukrainian “Azov Battalion,” when there have been many, many reports—including from The New York Times and The Times in the UK—showing that it undoubtedly applies to the group. Perfectly, in fact.

15. Suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)

People with the woke mind virus don’t just hate former President Donald J. Trump, they despise him with every fiber of their being—to the point that even if the mouthy clown says something that’s actually correct, they’ll hate it. This condition, of course, is referred to as Trump Derangement Syndrome (or TDS).

Take, for example, the Twitter account for The USA Singers. The Singers, who “stand with the people of Ukraine” and have both a Ukrainian flag and mask in their bio, claim that “Donald Trump sold out America… .” And while this is likely true—as Trump is essentially a con artist—it’s still important to note that TDS—specifically thinking the orange man is wrong even when he isn’t—is a part of being infected with M. wokester.

Link to Twitter user @TheUSASingers’ account
16. Hates Elon Musk

Despite the fact Musk really loves Ukraine—so much so that he sent the country truckloads of Starlink units that provide wireless satellite internet access—wokesters still despise his guts. Prior to the COVID-19 hysteria, woke people already hated Musk for being successful, powerful, and—worst of all—a white cis-gender man. Hatred for the billionaire CEO exploded, however, when he began to call for a return to normality for Americans after the “pandemic” had subsided.

Those who pay attention to Musk will specifically remember he called to “FREE AMERICA NOW” in an April 29, 2020 tweet. For the wokesters, who deeply love governmental control and restrictions, this call for freedom inspired in them enormous ire.

Immediately below is just a tiny taste of the backlash Musk has received for wanting America to be free. Twitter user Kyle McCarley (@KyleMCarley)—who has a rainbow flag and Ukrainian flag in his name, and a he/him descriptor in his bio—said in response to Musk’s FAN tweet that he will no longer be buying a Tesla because what the entrepreneur said was “so irresponsibly stupid… .” (For the record, overwhelming scientific evidence in the form of numerous peer-reviewed studies show that lockdowns do not work to slow the spread of COVID-19 and are massively harmful.)

Link to @kyleMcCarley’s twitter account
17. Loves ‘Vaccines’

People with the woke mind virus absolutely love—love, love, love—vaccines; and the COVID-19 “vaccines” in particular. Indeed, if there’s one thing you’re likely to see in a wokester’s online profile alongside Ukrainian flags and rainbow flags it’s the emoji for a syringe, which is commonly understood to be a symbol for the COVID-19 “vaccine.”

Take, for example, Twitter user @skiermichael, who says he’s “been told [he’s a] part of the fear cult of sCiEncE because [he believes] sometimes we need mandates to keep us all safe.” The user—whose partial name is “Vaccines Work”—is a profound virtue signaler. He’s not only wearing a mask in his profile picture, but is also holding up a sign that reads: Black Lives Matter. (Another facet of the woke mind virus discussed later in the list.) On top of that, he has the hashtags “#VaccinesWork #BLM #VoteBlue #LGBTQdad #GunControl #EndTheFilibuster #BidenWon” in his bio.

Link to @skiermichael’s twitter account
19. Votes Democrat, Loves Socialism

As most people can guess—and the twitter account referenced immediately above evinces—people with the woke mind virus love the Democratic party and socialism and hate the Republican party and capitalism.

Take, for example, Twitter user @mmpadellan, who apparently has a serious infection of M. wokester. The user, who says “Democrats deliver baby formula” while “Republicans deliver body bags,” is hoping (expecting?) there to be a blue wave in America’s 2022 midterm elections. In his profile, he also has the Ukrainian flag, a “feminist” hashtag, and a background illustration of Donald Trump as “the liddle’est president” crying as he stands behind the bars of a jail cell.

Link to @mmpadellan’s twitter account
20. Loves BLM

Another love those with the woke menti-virus have is for Black Lives Matter (BLM) in all of its guises. Several of the wokesters mentioned in the previous points have BLM somewhere in their bios—including, but not limited to @skiermichael, Daniela Wolf, and Daniel the “squirrel queer”—and the Venn Diagram overlap between those who love Ukraine and those who love BLM is massive. In fact, if you get somebody who really pushes both causes, they undoubtedly have a terrible M. wokester infection.

One example of this woke love for BLM immediately below—from “across the pond,” because M. wokester is pandemic and is not exclusive to the U.S.—comes from Twitter user @MyArrse. MyArrse, who is a self-proclaimed anti-capitalist and socialist, and who has #BLM in his name, writes “here we go again with the racist police” in his tweet in regards to the shooting of an unarmed pregnant black woman. It’s unclear if MyArrse is actually going to do anything about what he’s rightly identified as a problem, but we can make a good guess that he won’t because he’s mind-virused, and as we know by now, those with an M. wokester infection don’t like to do much with their lives.

Link to @MyArrse’s twitter profile
21: Hates Guns, But (Unknowingly) Loves War

Finally, we come to wokesters and their disdain for guns—especially Americans who own guns. And even more especially, Americans who own semi-automatic rifles, such as an AR-15.

In the tweet immediately below M. wokester-infected Twitter user @RetiredOldGuy1—who has the phrases “proud atheist,” “VOTE BLUE,” “BLM,” LGBTQ+ ally,” and “Codify Roe” in his bio—claims “We need common sense gun laws now. If we take one AR15 off the street a day, it will be 100 years before they are gone. Think about it.” He ends his tweet with the hashtag, #OurBlueVoice.

Link to @RetiredOldGuy1’s twitter account

What is perhaps most ironic about the wokesters’ love of gun control, however, is their love of war. As mentioned, those with the M. wokester virus love the idea of defending Ukraine with weapons—including guns and bombs of all sizes. Take @RetiredOldGuy1 for example again. He wants people in Ukraine to have AR-15s to defend themselves, but not Americans. What exactly does he think Ukrainians will be doing with those semi-automatic rifles?

Where Do Things Stand Now with the Wokesters?

Unfortunately, it looks like M. wokester is still spreading rapidly, and it will be some years before it finally becomes a subdued, endemic mind virus. There are some signs the menti-virus may be abating a bit, however, as companies like Netflix and Disney—who’ve both infamously gone woke—take massive hits to their market capitalizations. Although, to be fair, the whole market has been down, so that likely has some effect on the tumbling stock prices.

Regardless, Musk, who coined the term “mind virus,” and has (seemingly) done the best he can to stop it, still believes the menti-virus is an existential threat to human civilization. “Woke mind virus is the biggest threat to… civilization” one of Musk’s followers wrote in a tweet on April 19, 2022. Musk responded with one word: “Yes.”

Feature image: Olgierd Rudak

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