In New Interview with Alex Jones, Edward Dowd Says ‘They Will Lock Us Down Under the Cover of the Monkeypox Virus’

In a new interview with Infowars’ Alex Jones, Edward Dowd says he’s “beginning to think there will be no elections in the fall” because “they will lock us down under the cover of the monkeypox virus.”

“Winter’s here. And some event’s coming, and there will be a big catharsis and spring will come again. But we don’t know how long winter is [or] how long it’ll last, but you got to keep your head through winter and a renaissance is coming.” – Edward Dowd

In a new interview with Infowars’ Alex Jones, former BlackRock fund manager Edward Dowd continued his long-running clarion call for people to stand up against government tyranny. Dowd, who has recently said the “absolute collapse of credit and the economy” is nigh and that those in charge of the COVID-19 “vaccine” rollout didn’t realize “it would kill this many this quickly,” says in this new interview he’s “beginning to think there will be no elections in the fall” because “they will lock us down under the cover of the monkeypox virus.”

Dowd’s approximately 40-minute-long interview with Jones—immediately above—is wide-ranging, with the former fund manager providing his take on monkeypox, inflation, the coming elections in November, the war in Ukraine, and even whether or not SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is a “good guy” or a “bad guy.”

“I was labeled a conspiracy theorist in 2020, and then in 2021 we saw what happened,” Dowd tells Jones. Indeed, the former fund manager posted a tweet thread on May 3, 2020 outlining his idea for a “dystopian movie,” wherein those in charge of the global economy use COVID-19 “to provide cover for global economic collapse from an unsustainable debt load [and] rising wealth inequality.”

Now, Dowd says we are about to enter yet another collapse “because we’re literally at the end of the global monetary system as we know it.” As a result, Dowd’s belief is that “this monkeypox arrived right on time” to prevent America’s midterm elections from happening in the fall. “They will lock us down under the cover of [the virus] and at the very least, if we do have elections, it will be [with] mail-in ballots. You won’t be able to go to…the ballot boxes in person.”

Even though monkeypox does not spread easily from person to person—nor even from monkey to monkey—Dowd notes Dr. Robert Malone, the discoverer of in-vitro and in-vivo RNA transfection and the inventor of mRNA vaccines, released a Substack post on May 31, 2022 noting the supposed monkeypox cases that have been going around across the globe are due to a human-modified virus. (Malone says on his Substack that current available evidence points to “an emergence of an engineered Monkeypox virus into the human population during mid-May of 2022.”)

Following the warning, Dowd (via Jones) presents a clip from April 5, 2020immediately below—in which Federal Reserve Saint Louis President James Bullard says that, in regards to reopening the economy, people could get tested for COVID-19 daily and then wear “badges” to show if they’ve popped negative or positive.

Dowd says Bullard’s claim “shocked” him, as it essentially showed the hand of those in charge of the global economy. That is to say, Dowd believes Bullard knew we were heading for “vaccine” passports and control systems based on such passports, but jumped the gun on relaying that knowledge to the public.

Dowd goes on to discuss how he believes the rate of change in the Commodity Research Bureau Index (CRB)—an index that acts as an indicator of the global commodity markets—and the dollar indicate to him is that this current inflationary phenomenon and subsequent economic collapse is not a wholly monetary phenomenon. On the contrary, Dowd says current inflation is mostly the result of bad energy policy from the Biden administration and the European Union (EU), coupled with lockdowns in China that have caused supply chain disruptions.

Dowd notes that—contrary to what some may think—the dollar is actually currently growing stronger; a major problem for borrowers overseas who have dollar-denominated debt. As a result, Dowd says “we’re seeing a credit crisis beginning to unfold because of the strengthening of the dollar.”

“We are going into a hard recession, not a soft landing,” Dowd says. He adds that he thinks the next six months are going to be “spectacularly wild,” and that all mainstream media (including Fox News) is pure propaganda at this point.

Over the coming months, Dowd specifically expects a continuation of “financial chaos” and more monkeypox “news and scares.” Although he says it’s critical that people not comply with any lockdowns or mask mandates this time around.

As for when, exactly, the economic nosedive and concurrent lockdowns will occur, Dowd has pinpointed just after Labor Day (September 5, 2022).

Dowd further notes there is now a battle between those in charge of the global economy and everybody else over the official “narrative” regarding the direction in which humanity is headed. “They’re trying to sell us a story,” Dowd says. But “their story is garbage and full of lies and full of gaslighting.”

Insider knowledge from friends has also revealed to Dowd that “the panopticon of narrative control has descended and our tech media giants are controlled by intelligence agencies. That’s the bottom line.”

On a separate (although still ultimately related) note, Dowd also says the financial markets knew the war in Ukraine was coming. Apparently there was “some central banker, somebody with a lot of money, knew that the war in Ukraine was coming in the summer of 2021.” And the reason that’s crucial, Dowd says, “is that the Ukraine is so important from a commodities standpoint and a natural gas standpoint. Oil—Russia gets oil through the Ukraine; there’s a lot of pipelines. There’s a lot of phosphate, fertilizer, it’s the bread basket of Europe.” Dowd also expects five million barrels of oil to permanently come offline.

Ultimately, Dowd actually ends on somewhat of a high note, noting that he’s “very optimistic about a renaissance” on the other side of the complete collapse of the world’s economy. He notes that life works in cycles—specifically referencing the Fourth Turning theory, also known as the Strauss-Howe generational theory, which describes a recurring generational cycle that follows a fairly predictable pattern. According to Trends and Track Records the theory claims that:

Cycles always follow the same order. First comes a High – a period of confident expansion as a new order takes root after the old has been swept away. Next comes an Awakening – a time of spiritual exploration and rebellion against the now-established order. Then comes an Unraveling – an increasingly troubled era in which individualism triumphs over crumbling institutions. Last comes a Crisis – the Fourth Turning – an era of destruction (often involving war or revolution), that is accompanied by a profound loss of trust in institutions. The Fourth Turning leads to a breakdown of the established social order and precedes a new era of growth and optimism. Together, the four turnings comprise history’s seasonal rhythm of growth, maturation, entropy, and rebirth.

As of now, Dowd says we’re in the midst of the Fourth Turning. “Winter’s here. And some event’s coming, and there will be a big catharsis and spring will come again,” the former BlackRock manager says. “But we don’t know how long winter is and how long it’ll last, but you got to keep your head through winter and a renaissance is coming.”

Feature image: Infowars via Yobbocat

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