EDWARD DOWD Predicts ‘Slow Disintegration’ of ‘Simple Things We Took for Granted’ in New 10-Minute-Long Update

In a 10-minute-long video update former BlackRock fund manager Edward Dowd says the world is experiencing an accelerating disintegration of its supply chains that will reflect in the stock market in the Fall.

Former BlackRock fund manager Edward Dowd has made one wave after another since he couched his predictions for the way the COVID-19 saga would play out as an IRL “dystopian movie” back in May of 2020. Now, in a new video posted to his account on GETTR, the billionaire continues to speak his mind on everything from inflation to Joe Biden’s July 20 “Executive Actions on Climate to Address Extreme Heat and Boost Offshore Wind,” including a breakdown of how the economy is going to collapse at an accelerated rate heading into the Fall midterm elections.

“Commodities… have peaked, [it looks] to me, because of the global slowdown that started last year,” Dowd says toward the beginning of his brief update. The former fund manager adds that the peak in commodities has also come thanks to “the energy policies of Biden and the [European Union],” and that the Federal Reserve has decided “to raise interest rates into an ongoing credit contraction” only making things worse for the global economy.

“[T]he Fed is exacerbating the problem by raising interest rates,” Dowd highlights.

The former BlackRock fund manager speculates that Biden’s executive actions on the climate—which, it seems, came out just after Dowd released this video on July 20, 2022—are aimed at keeping commodity prices high as the central banks and governments of the world “need inflation to inflate their way out of the debt bubble.” Dowd adds that “a collapsing commodities market is not good for them; it indicates massive slowdown in economic activity.”

Link to Edward Dowd’s post on GETTR

As of this writing it’s not clear if Biden’s actions will drive up the prices of commodities. His list of executive actions includes things like $2.3 billion in funding for the Democrats’ “Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities” (or BRIC) program, which will—ostensibly—help disadvantaged communities “increase resilience to heat waves, drought, wildfires, flood, hurricanes, and other hazards by preparing before disaster strikes.”

Indeed, Dowd notes that we’re already in a recession (although not according to the Biden administration…) and that “we’re going to have a hard landing.” More specifically, Dowd says the stock market peaked in January of this year, and we’ve been in a bear market ever since. And, despite the recent rally in the market, “we’ll [still] probably get a nice pull back in the equity markets” heading into the Fall and “the chaos [Dowd expects] to be unleashed.”

For those who haven’t seen previous Dowd interviews and are wondering about this “chaos” coming in the Fall, here are two hints at what’s coming, according to Dowd: monkeypox and lockdowns. (And probably a bunch of other “emergencies” that will have the aim of frightening the free world’s population into cowering in their homes once again; especially in the U.S., where such an event would help the Democrats win more midterm elections than they otherwise would.)

Regarding the extraordinarily dangerous COVID-19 “vaccines,” Dowd highlights a report that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics puts out every month, asking Americans to self-identify as disabled. In 2021, after the rollout of the gene-altering “vaccines,” disability IDs exploded from 29 million (the average over the last 4-5 years) to 33 million—a near 14% increase. The former fund manager notes that in the month of June of 2022 alone there were 290,000 newly disabled Americans; the equivalent of the population of St. Luis.

Unfortunately, however, while Dowd believes some recipients of the “vaccines” can be converted away from them—largely due to the fact that they don’t work whatsoever—he also notes that people who “continue to want to get COVID and keep getting jabbed and boosted, they’re gone.” He adds “You… gotta let them go.”

Dowd ends the update with his analysis of the what he sees as “a slow disintegration of the supply chains” across the globe. He notes that the problem is “going to continue to get worse” and that the “collapse of the economy” will be slow at first, but then will speed up.

“It’s a slow disintegration of simple things we took for granted,” Dowd adds.

Feature image: Edward Dowd / GETTR

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