DARPA-Funded Self-Assembling ‘Engineered Living Material’ Interfaces with Organisms, Can Be ‘Programmed’ to Soak Up Heavy Metals from the Environment

Scientists at Rice University in Houston have created a novel synthetic material out of genetically engineered bacterial cells that’s able to autonomously assemble into macroscopic structures that can “be programmed” to soak up contaminants (such as heavy metals) from their environment.

Waterproof Human-Machine Interface Turns Body into Bluetooth Remote Control

A team of researchers at UCLA has created a waterproof human-machine interface (HMI) that turns one’s body movements into electrical signals that can be used to remotely control electronics via Bluetooth signals.
A labeled image of a synthetic mouse embryo made solely from pluripotent stem cells.

Scientists Create ‘Whole Synthetic’ Mouse Embryos Starting with Only Stem Cells

Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have created “whole synthetic mouse embryos” beginning the process solely with pluripotent stem cells.
A man wearing a biofilm patch on his neck that's able to convert water from the skin into electricity.

Device Made with Nanoscale ‘Biofilm’ Sheets from Gene-Edited Bacteria Turns Sweat into Electricity

A team of researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst has developed a “clean energy harvesting device” that’s made with nanoscale biofilms produced by gene-edited bacteria and is able to power so-called “wearable” electronics.

Scientists Reanimate Dead Spider with Hydraulics In Order to Make ‘Necrobotic’ Grippers

A team of researchers at Rice University in Houston has created “necrobotic” small-scale, soft grippers by pumping air into a dead spider’s appendages via a syringe stabbed into the arachnid’s body.

DARPA and NIH-Funded ‘Neuroengineers’ Create ‘Wireless Technology to Remotely Activate Specific Brain Circuits’ Using Magnetic Fields and Nanoparticles

Using DARPA and NIH funding, a team of scientists led by Rice University “neuroengineers” has created wireless technology to remotely activate specific brain circuits in fruit flies on the sub-one-second timescale using magnetic fields and nanoparticles.
A Boston Dynamics-like robot dog armed with an assault rifle, shooting at targets on a snowy range.

Watch a Robot Dog Armed with a Submachine Gun Shoot at Targets

A new viral video shows a Boston Dynamics-like robot dog with a submachine gun mounted on its back firing at targets on a snowy range in what appears to be Russia.
A small

Engineers Have Created ‘Small-Scale’ Soft Robots That Can Crawl Around a Stomach and Deliver Drug ‘Cargo’

Engineers at The Chinese University of Hong Kong have created “small-scale” soft robots that are wirelessly controlled with magnetic fields, and can crawl around a stomach in order to deliver drug “cargo.”
Black and white photos of

Scientists Use ‘DNA Origami’ to Create ‘Nanomachines’ Capable of Carrying ‘Protein Cargo’

Using a method of DNA manipulation known as “DNA origami” scientists at the University of New South Wales have created “autonomous nanomachines” capable of delivering “protein cargo,” and, potentially, forming “responsive smart materials” that deliver “therapeutic drugs.”

Self-Assembling ‘Crystals’ of Starfish Embryos May Inspire New Types of Tiny ‘Swarm Robots’

Physicists at MIT have observed starfish embryos “naturally creating a crystalline structure,” which they say could inspire future generations of tiny “robotic swarms.”

MIT Engineers Create Bot Arm That Can Find Hidden Objects, Both RFID-Tagged and Not

Engineers at MIT have created a robotic system dubbed “FuseBot,” which is able to search through piles of stuff and find hidden objects, even if they’re only near an RFID-tagged object and not RFID tagged themselves.

DeepMind’s New ‘Democratic AI’ Creates Policies to Fairly Deal with ‘Wealth Imbalance’

Alphabet’s (a.k.a. Google’s) DeepMind subsidiary has developed a “Democratic AI” that’s reportedly able to address “wealth imbalance” and “sanction free riders” in a mock economic game—earning majority approval votes on its policies more frequently than its human counterparts.

DARPA-Funded AI Predicts Future Crimes In Cities with ‘About 90% Accuracy’

Scientists at the University of Chicago have created a new AI program that’s able to forecast when and where crime will occur in a given city up to one week in advance and “with about 90% accuracy.”

MIT Engineers Create ‘Robotic Lightning Bug’ That Weighs Little More than a Paperclip

Engineers at MIT have created a flying “robotic lightning bug” that weighs little more than a paperclip, yet can still use onboard light signals to communicate with other flying bug-bots.

Here’s a Text Readout of a Conversation with that Google AI That May Be ‘Sentient’

A software engineer and AI researcher at Google claims an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot created by the mega corporation is now “sentient.” Here is a sample conversation with the potentially self-aware bot, dubbed LaMDA.

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