Reminder: H.G. Wells Wrote an ‘Open Conspiracy’ for the Committee of 300 that Perfectly Outlined the New World Order

Although late British writer H.G. Wells is largely known for his novels like The Time Machine and The Island of Doctor Moreau, it turns out the so-called "father of science fiction" had lots of ideas for how a literal New World Order could be implemented in real life. In this "Open Conspiracy" essay, commissioned by the notorious Committee of 300 (a powerful group of elites founded by the British aristocracy in 1727 that "rules the world"), Wells outlines a terrifying "utopia": one in which digital payment systems track everyone's transactions all the time, national borders are nonexistent, private citizens aren't allowed to practice their own religion or own arms, and a cabal of ruling elites dwindles down the population to a mere one billion people in order to make the masses easily manageable.

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo Says There’s a ‘Propaganda Campaign Where Bad News About [the COVID Injections’] Safety Has Been Suppressed’

In this interview with The New American, Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo says there has been a "propaganda campaign where bad news about [the COVID injections'] safety has been suppressed." Ladapo also says regulatory organizations "are not being honest" and that sub-clinical myocarditis from the COVID "vaccines" is likely a much larger problem than has been acknowledged.

Professor Dolores Cahill Describes How We’re Now in the ‘Killing Years’ of the ‘Agenda 21’ World Domination Plan

In this interview with independent Australian interviewer Maria Zeee, Dolores Cahill, a professor, immunologist, inventor, and entrepreneur, outlines how we've now entered the "killing years" (2020-2026) of the Agenda 21 plan, which was ultimately architected by a group of super-wealthy elites known as the "Committee of 300." Cahill also discusses books such as None Dare Call It Conspiracy, which help to illuminate how this powerful cabal aims to depopulate the planet of what it deems as "useless eaters."

Top 7 Reasons Bill Gates Is a Literal Psychopath Who Cannot Be Trusted in Any Capacity Whatsoever

Here is an 8,000-word deep dive into the top 7 reasons Microsoft founder and "philanthropist" Bill Gates should be thought of as a literal psychopath. Gates, under the guise of "global health" and "family planning" has, for example, pushed "vaccines" that cause infertility on unsuspecting women in Kenya, and subjected women in India to "vaccine" trials deemed by the country's health ministry to be "unethical" and conducted without the informed consent of its participants.

Reminder: America Was in a ‘National Debt Crisis’ in 2019 and a ‘Liquidity Crisis’ Occurred in the $2-4 Trillion ‘Repo Market’ in September of the Same Year

Here's a reminder of how the United States was acknowledged to be (even by the mainstream media) in the midst of a "national debt crisis" toward the end of 2019, just before the COVID-19 "pandemic" hit. Not only had the government's debt surpassed $22 trillion, but there was a key indicator of financial collapse in September of the same year: a liquidity crisis in the $2-4 trillion "repo" market that required the Federal Reserve to continuously pump more than $125 billion dollars into it.

Journalist in Russia Describes How Vladimir Putin Is (In Effect) Pushing for COVID ‘Vaccine’ Mandates, ‘Digital Health Passes,’ a National CBDC, and Even a Stronger NATO

In a new interview with investigative journalist James Corbett, Russia-based journalist Riley Waggaman describes how Russian president Vladimir Putin is pushing for the same kind of globalist agenda now taking form in the West; including mandatory COVID "vaccinations" for citizens and the military, digital health passes, digital health passes, a central bank digital currency, and even a stronger, more encompassing NATO thanks to the reaction to his war in Ukraine.

Interview with Pharma Insider Reveals How the Department of Defense Has Coordinated the Entire COVID ‘Vaccine’ Rollout from Manufacturing to Distribution

In this interview with the Corona Investigative Committee, pharma insider Sasha Latypova—who has more than 25 years of experience in the industry—outlines how the Department of Defense has complete control over the development, manufacturing, and distribution of the COVID-19 "vaccines." Latypova also shows how different batches (or "lots") of the COVID injections vary in deadliness based on VAERS data; becoming more detrimental the more they conform to manufacturer specifications.

Interview with ROTC Cadet Sheds Light on How the COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Mandate Is Mangling the Military

In this interview with an ROTC cadet, the enormous damage Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III's COVID-19 "vaccine" mandate is having on the U.S. military is described and dissected with first-hand insights; making the crime against humanity seem especially heinous in light of how it's degrading America's ability to protect itself from threats both foreign and domestic.

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM Says COVID-19 Response Was ‘The Test of Social Responsibility,’ Pushes Mandatory ‘Personal Carbon Allowances’

In a new online post the World Economic Forum says that the COVID-19 pandemic was a "test of social responsibility" for people and claims now is the perfect time to push for mandatory "personal carbon allowances" that would severely limit individuals' mobility and consumption habits.

REINER FUELLMICH of the ‘Corona Investigative Committee’ Accused of Stealing $1.3 Million by Co-Founder

Corona Investigative Committee co-founder Reiner Fuellmich has been accused by fellow co-founder Viviane Fischer of embezzling $1.3 million from the organization's coffers, fueling theories the committee has been "controlled opposition" since its establishment more than two years ago.

Colorado County Clerk TINA PETERS Says Globalists Are Taking Over, Describes Rampant Voting Machine Fraud

In a new interview with Silicon Valley entrepreneur Steve Kirsch, Tina Peters, the Mesa County Clerk & Recorder in Colorado, outlines how Dominion voting machines allow for election tampering. Peters also describes how there is now a “uniparty” in the U.S. government run by globalists with the intent of destroying America’s sovereignty and the Constitution.

What Will California’s Government Kill Next? A Brief Pre-mortem by an Ex-Resident

An expat from California breaks down everything the state has "killed"—from a reliable power grid to freedom of speech—in a new op-ed.
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