Here’s a Size Comparison of Dozens of Spaceships and Space Stations from Sci-Fi and Real Life

In one of his latest videos Spanish animator MetaBallStudios (MBS) compares the size of dozens and dozens of spaceships and space stations from sci-fi and real life, including everything from the Enterprise-D from Star Trek to SpaceX's Starship to Rama from Rendesvouz with Rama.

Wild Scientist Builds 400 MPH ‘Rocket Knife’ that Slices Through Car Doors Like They’re Butter

In his latest video scientist and YouTuber TheBackyardScientist shows off his 400 mph "rocket knives," which are capable of cutting through car doors and refrigerators like they're made of tissue paper.

Here’s What It’d Look Like If the International Space Station Orbited Earth at 10,000 Feet Above Ground Level

In one of his latest videos YouTuber Airplane Mode uses Microsoft Flight Simulator to show what it would look like if the International Space Station—which travels at a speed of 17,150 mph—orbited just 10,000 feet above Earth's surface.

Jet Suit Military Drills Show How a Soldier Can Shoot Bad Guys then Fly Away

In this video from Gravity Industries we see a demonstration of the company's 1,000 horsepower "Jet Suit" used in a tactical military drill.

Reminder: Nobel Laureate and Inventor of the PCR Test Kary Mullis Referred to Global Warming as ‘Trash’ Science, Said Humans Have Negligible Impact on Climate

Here are two talks that Nobel laureate and inventor of the PCR test Kary Mullis gave in 2010, which clarify his belief that the supposed science underpinning the climate change narrative is "trash." Mullis, who had no qualms about speaking his mind, notes in the talks that humanity has had a negligible impact on Earth's surface and atmospheric temperatures, and that real, experimental evidence (as opposed to computer modeling) has shown that, despite an increase in atmospheric CO2, Earth has not been warming with any significance.

DARPA-Funded Self-Assembling ‘Engineered Living Material’ Interfaces with Organisms, Can Be ‘Programmed’ to Soak Up Heavy Metals from the Environment

Scientists at Rice University in Houston have created a novel synthetic material out of genetically engineered bacterial cells that's able to autonomously assemble into macroscopic structures that can "be programmed" to soak up contaminants (such as heavy metals) from their environment.

This Video Compares the Masses of Everything from Atoms to Black Holes

In a new video Spanish YouTuber MetaBallStudios offers a sense of how massive things are—from atoms to black holes—using giant weights for comparison.

Flying from L.A. to NYC at Mach 50 (37,054 MPH) Is an Ultra-Fast Way to Make You Want to Barf

A new Microsoft Flight Simulator video from YouTube user and video-maker Benjamin Granville shows what it would be like to take a Mach 50 flight from Los Angeles to New York City and it's a dizzying ride.

This OBSCENELY LOUD ‘Hoverbike’ Will Cost You Only $777,000

Japanese company AERWINS Technologies Inc. has put on its first U.S. demonstration of its $777,000 hybrid XTURISMO hoverbike and it is LOUD.

Video of STARLINK Satellite Train Flying Through Aurora Borealis Will Make You Long for Space Travel

A video of a train of SpaceX Starlink satellites traveling through the Aurora Borealis over Alaska (captured by Ronn and Marketa Murray), will make you long for space travel. Or at least a trip to Alaska.

Humanoid Robot Paired with GPT-3 Language Modeler May Glimpse Future of Bots

A new video of people talking to an Ameca robot equipped with GPT-3 language modeling software may demonstrate an accurate picture of some near-future humanoid robots.

Recent ‘UFO Sighting’ in Jalisco, Mexico Was *Probably* Just a Train of Starlink Satellites

A video trending (somewhat) on Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube featuring a "UFO" in the night sky above the city of Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico, is probably just footage of a train of Starlink satellites.
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