Review of BLUE-GREEN BREAST MILK Reports in VAERS in Light of New Evidence of Presence of mRNA ‘Vaccines’ in Breast Milk

In light of new evidence in JAMA Pediatrics showing there are “trace amounts” of mRNA COVID-19 “vaccine” present in the breast milk of lactating mothers who received the jabs, here is a review of some of the VAERS reports of lactating mothers producing “green,” “blue,” or “blue-green” breast milk post injection. This post also includes a tiny glimpse at the negative effects COVID-19 injection-laced milk has had on breastfeeding infants according to a bevy of VAERS reports.

Another Funeral Director and Embalmer Says He’s Been Finding ‘White Fibrous Structures’ In Dead People Since the Rollout of the COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’

In a new interview with Sherry Strong of Children's Health Defense, Indiana-based funeral director and embalmer Wallace Hooker describes how he, like embalmer Richard Hirschman and funeral director John O'Looney, has been finding 'white, fibrous structures' in the vascular systems of dead people since the rollout of the COVID-19 "vaccines."

Prominent Physician-Researcher Says ‘Somebody Above the Level of Our Governments Is Giving the Orders’ to Roll Out the COVID ‘Vaccines’

In a new interview with The New American prominent physician-researcher Dr. Meryl Nass says that "somebody above the level of our governments is giving the orders" to roll out more and more COVID "vaccines." Nass also notes the new bivalent COVID "vaccines" haven't been properly tested for safety or efficacy.

CDC Report: 44% of People Hospitalized With COVID-19 Had One Booster Dose; 5% of Those Who’ve Had Two Booster Doses or More

A CDC report from late August states 39.1% of people hospitalized with COVID-19 had a "primary vaccination series" plus one booster dose. The same report notes five percent of those who've received two doses (or even more) had a 5% hospitalization rate.

Leaked Video from Israel’s Ministry of Health Proves Country’s Health Authorities Knew About COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Neurological Side Effects that Went Unresolved in 65% of Cases

An undercover video recorded during an Israeli Ministry of Health meeting from early June of this year shows the country's health ministry knew the COVID-19 "vaccines" had a causal relationship with serious neurological problems (that went unresolved 65% of the time), but still said nothing to the public.

ER Doctor Studying COVID ‘Vaccine’ Vials Using Electron Microscopy Says They Contain ‘Organized Little Computer Chip Structures’

ER doctor and degree-holder in physiology Dr. Daniel Nagase has studied Moderna and Pfizer "vaccine" vials using electron microscopy and found both types contain "organized little [computer] chip structures [that] aren't made of anything chips are normally made of."

Lab Director Mike Adams Has Analyzed COVID ‘Vaccine’ Clots, Says They’re ‘Self-Assembling Biostructures’

Lab director and investigative journalist Mike Adams (a.k.a. the Health Ranger) has performed a mass spectrometry analysis of the "clots" turning up in the bodies of dead, COVID "vaccinated" people and found that they're "self-assembling biostructures" that aren't alive, but do actively harvest and organize conductive elements from surrounding blood.

Team of German Scientists Says ‘Undeclared Toxic Substances’ Found in All Tested COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Vials

A new report by the Working Group for COVID Vaccine Analysis in Germany says that—after extensive study using methods like electron microscopy—it has found undeclared "toxic substances" in all of the vials of AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna "vaccine" it tested.

Former Pfizer VP MICHAEL YEADON Says SARS-CoV-2 Does Not Exist, We Should Expect Depopulation Agenda to Play Out Over Next 6-7 Years

In a new interview former Vice President of Pfizer Michael Yeadon says that SARS-CoV-2, nor any other respiratory virus, exists, and that there is a depopulation agenda at play that is going to crescendo over the next seven to eight years.

NAOMI WOLF Corrects ‘44% Miscarriage Rate’ Claim for Pfizer’s Post-Authorization Data; DR. PIERRE KORY Now Says Mortality Rate of ‘Vaccinated’ Mothers’ Babies Was Actually About 80% [UPDATED September 1, 2022]

Naomi Wolf has corrected her claim that in Pfizer's post-authorization data for its COVID-19 "vaccine" 44% of pregnancies that occurred after the first or second shot ended in miscarriage. ICU doctor and member of the FLCCC Dr. Pierre Kory, however, now says mortality rate of "vaccinated" mothers' babies was actually "about 80%" as of the post-authorization study period's three-month mark.

DR. RYAN COLE Says Clots Being Found in Dead Bodies of Those ‘Vaccinated’ Against COVID Are ‘Clumped Rubbery Proteins’

In a new interview with Silicon Valley entrepreneur Steve Kirsch pathologist Ryan Cole describes evidence of "clumped rubbery proteins" in the dead bodies of people "vaccinated" against COVID-19.

Reporter Goes Through Pfizer COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Trial Docs; Describes 158K Adverse Events, 1,228 Deaths

In a new interview with German attorney Reiner Fuellmich investigative reporter Sonia Elijah reports that during the period between December, 2020 and February, 2021 Pfizer recorded more than 158,000 adverse events and 1,200 deaths amongst the recipients of the COVID-19 "vaccines" in its clinical trial.

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