This ‘Summersmash ’22’ Music Mashup Mixes 12 Pop Songs and Is Quite Dancey

San Francisco-based mashup master DJ Earworm has released a new "Summersmash '22" track featuring 12 pop songs and the mixed-up jam brings the dance vibes.
A still image from the music video for the Gorillaz' song

GORILLAZ’ New Music Video for ‘Cracker Island’ References Hollywood Cult, Is a Rockin’ Jam

The Gorillaz is out with a new, funky, dancey single all about the animated band starting a Hollywood cult on "the eve of the pink dawn." (Whatever that is.)

Here’s How UTOPIA, a Dark Comedy TV Series from 2013/2014, Perfectly Predicted the ‘Conspiracy Theorist’s’ Take on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Here's an overview of how Utopia, Dennis Kelly's dark comedy TV series that ran on Channel 4 in the UK in 2013 and 2014, predicted the "conspiracy theorist's" take on what's occurred with the COVID-19 saga.

Illuminati Insider Explains Influence the DoD, Sabbatean-Frankists, and Ancient Babylon Have on Hollywood in Conspiracy Laced Interview

In this conversation with Australian interviewer Maria Zeee Illuminati insider and investigative journalist Leo Zagami describes the influence that the Department of Defense, ancient Babylon, and a heretical sect of Jews known as the Sabbatean-Frankists have had on Hollywood throughout its history.

Here’s a Size Comparison of Dozens of Spaceships and Space Stations from Sci-Fi and Real Life

In one of his latest videos Spanish animator MetaBallStudios (MBS) compares the size of dozens and dozens of spaceships and space stations from sci-fi and real life, including everything from the Enterprise-D from Star Trek to SpaceX's Starship to Rama from Rendesvouz with Rama.
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