Veteran Embalmer Says She’s Finding Clots Like ‘Uncooked Calamari’ Inside the Bodies of People ‘Vaccinated’ Against COVID-19

In a new interview with Steve Kirsch (one inventor of the optical mouse), embalmer Anna Foster—who has 11 years of experience in the industry—says she’s finding clots that look like “uncooked calamari” in the dead bodies of people vaccinated against COVID-19.

In the video immediately belowSteve Kirsch, one inventor of the optical mouse, founder of several multi-billion-dollar companies, and founder of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF), speaks with veteran embalmer Anna Foster from Carleton, Missouri. In the interview Foster describes the horrific “clots” she’s been finding in the bodies of people who were “vaccinated” against COVID-19 while alive. Including clots that are tough, white, long, and have the appearance of “raw calamari.”

“About every case [with these clots] that I get is vaccinated,” Foster tells Kirsch in the interview. ““I’ve seen quite a bit in my eleven years and never have seen these,” she adds.

Foster goes on to say that “It’s almost like [the clots are causing] a whole new system that we have to work with. And we have to embalm that system differently too. She goes on to say that these clots are not able to be smashed like normal clots. “Even a big heart clot you can squish it and it’s going to go back to blood. These do not. At all,” Foster says.

As for these people’s causes of death on their certificates of death? “It’s either stroke or heart attack is basically what they’re saying—what causes those are usually some kind of clot,” Foster says.

Beneath the video are time-stamped quotes from Foster.

Minute 1:55: Regarding when Foster began to see the strange clots, around May or June of 2021: “That’s when I can pinpoint… that’s the closest I can get to a date, without the documentation.”

Minute 2:27: “I would begin to see these fibrous-looking clots that… very large fibrous-looking clots… and so I do have reports to verify… the cases that I have seen them on.”

Minute 3:15: Foster says two of her “very close friends that are embalmers” began to see the same fibrous clots in the bodies they have been taking care of. And while they “describe [them] a little differently, it’s the same, we just use different terminology to describe it.”

Minute 3:30: Foster says she’s seen these fibrous-looking clots in 28 out of the last 30 bodies she’s embalmed. (That means 93% had these clots.)

Minute 4:20: Foster says many of the bodies she’s dealing with are the elderly, and “more than likely” they have been “vaccinated” against COVID-19. Foster adds that she’s never seen one of these clots in someone whom she knows wasn’t “vaccinated” against COVID.

Minute 4:50: “About every case [with these clots] that I get is vaccinated.”

Minute 5:00: Foster says that “to be fair” some of these vaccinated people also caught COVID-19 while they were still alive prior to vaccination. One case she brings up was a 56-year-old man who had COVID and then was “vaccinated” against it afterward. Foster says that the man died two days after his second dose of vaccine. (“And he did have the [fibrous-looking clots] as well.”)

Minute 6:00: “The last [case of fibrous clots] is probably the worst I’ve seen and that was a lady.” Foster describes two other male bodies she embalmed, noting they died within a week of their COVID “vaccination.” One was “two days after his second dose.”

Minute 8:25: Foster says she’s seeing “myocardial infarction” (i.e. a heart attack) as the cause of death on these bodies. “It’s either stroke or heart attack is basically what they’re saying—what causes those are usually some kind of clot.”

Minute 9:18: “The clots I’ve seen myself… and the way you have to manipulate and massage to get them to come out of the vascular system; I don’t know how [anyone is] walking around with that in their vascular system at all. I mean, for it to even get to that point, I don’t know how… they had to have been miserable… We’re having a lot of issues with circulation and drainage… .”

Minute 10:15: Foster says she’s “never” seen anything like [these clots] before. “I’ve seen quite a bit in my eleven years and never have seen these. And any of the embalmers I have spoken to never has seen these either… They’re just bizarre.”

Minute 11:15: Foster says the COVID-19 vaccines are “the only thing at play” in the matter. “That’s the only thing new that we know of that’s being introduced.”

Minute 13:58: Foster says she and her embalmer friends have all pinpointed the COVID-19 vaccines as the cause of the clots. “Definitely, yes.”

Minute 14:57: Foster says she doesn’t know if the clots are being caused by a “combo” of the COVID-19 vaccine plus infection, or just one of the two.

Minute 16:18: “Like I said the three [vaccinated] men that died, within a week of each other, that… just floored me. Completely floored me.” Foster notes two of the men were “older,” but “not to the point [they were] at the end of their life.” Foster adds the men died within a week after getting vaccinated.

Minute 25:18: “I’ve seen plaque, I know what plaque looks like, [these clots are] not plaque.” Foster adds that it’s not postmortem clotting. “I’ve embalmed lots of decomp [decomposed] bodies that were well beyond postmortem and… none of them had clots like this.”

Minute 37:45: Foster says she wanted to “do something” like call the health department after the three vaccinated men died within a week of having their COVID-19 vaccinations. “It’s not a coincidence that these three men died when they died,” Foster adds.

Calamari. Image: Marc Di Luzio

Minute 41:54: Foster says the clots look like calamari—that is, squid often served as a dish. “I don’t know if you’ve ever seen uncooked calamari…the whiteness and the rubbery texture, that’s exactly what it reminds me of.” Foster adds that the material that makes up the clot “is a substance. It’s not a clot that you can smash like a normal clot; even a big heart clot you can squish it and it’s going to go back to blood. These do not. At all.”

Minute 44:41: “There was one lady I had—her whole leg was almost black; like, there was no circulation in that leg for who knows how long. And that’s what it is, it’s a clot in there somewhere stopping that circulation.”

Minute 52:00: Foster says she had been waiting to see “stuff different” after COVID-19 hit, but says she doesn’t remember seeing anything different in her embalming practice now that she “thinks about it.” She says she and her embalming friends were “waiting to try and find things that were different… but even when we’d aspirate the lungs—[which is] what it was affecting when people were dying—there was nothing… I kept waiting to see something different with that tissue and it never was… It is now, it can be; with the vaccination.”

Minute 54:25: “It’s almost like [the clots are causing] a whole new system that we have to work with. And we have to embalm that system differently too. Like I said, I have to build up the pressure now to push those [clots] out.”

Minute 1:00:20: “The people that are dying now are not the cancer patients—I mean, there are still people dying… of course, of cancer, but we’re seeing a lot more deaths that aren’t cancer. So that also proves to my theory… instead of 8 out of 10 that are dying of cancer, now it’s four, four-and-a-halfish out of 10 because you have so many more people dying of whatever this clotting thing is, or COVID.”

Minute 1:03:22: “The size of this last [clot] was incredible. I mean, I was literally on my tippy toes because it was like—and I don’t get bothered by things like that—but it was just pretty incredible. Is the best word I can use, but in a weird bad way. But it was incredible to see and it… [It] was big; it took up the whole diameter of the vein; [the vein] was stretched to the max.”

Minute 1:05:00: Foster confirms that nobody is doing any autopsies on these clot-related deaths.

Feature image: Steve Kirsch via Jim Crenshaw

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